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Sunday, July 24, 2011

But what if there's bears.....

Goooood Morning everyjuan!  
 SO, today is day 4 of summer for the Northwest Peninsulated Washington (mother nature likes to ration them summer days around here!) 

Below is a photo of last weekends weather:
Grass is ALWAYS greener here... ( <---optimism at its finest... )

I stayed the night at my older sister's house as we are going for an excursion via mountain tackling bikes! And I don't mean the typical "mountain" bike. I'm talking: full suspension, laser guided missile shooting; Mountain Bike. 

Okay... so no laser guided missiles will be equipped ...BUT apparently I get to use a pretty fancy bike & we are going into a spooky forest where a man was recently  a t t a c k e d  by a bear! I secretly hope I see one I may smuggle some bear treats in my bag and lure one in... but we will see. I feel I am fully prepared if I do encounter one, as I watched this informative video:

I have not mountain biked since I was a little kid so I am excited to see what sort of hormone(s) gets released into my brain! I'm hoping lots of dopamine and serotonin :) 

Here is a photo from the trail I am going on:

WELL, off to create a delicious protein-infused carrotcakey breakfast that will emulate this:

I shall post later with the results of my expedition! Have a beautiful SUNday :)

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  1. No idea what that is I am looking at but i looks delicious!! As long as there is no cauliflower or mustard involved. Love you!